Your Local NAFFAA Officers
   State Chair - Roel F.Campos 
         Vice Chair - Dr. Clarence Padilla
  Communications/Business Director - Malou Guieb-Campos
  Secretary - Koda Snyder
  Public Relations Officers - Theresa Salsberry,
Kevin Salsberry
  Liaison for Culture & Education -  Lyrio Read
Liaison for Community - Steve Molitor Arms:
       Naty Balines
      John Scherrer

TEAM NaFFAA - iowa



NaFFAA of Iowa

NaFFAA of Iowa

To mobilize the organization's resources to realize its stated statutory purpose through an effective advocacy system, program, policy and organizational structure.

To establish a communications Infrastructure that integrates all tools of information and education to enhance NaFFAA's mission and goals.

To preserve, honor, and recognize best practices to attain one solid voice and vision.

To alleviate disparities in physical and mental health as well as healthcare delivery in the Filipino American community.

To provide assistance to Community organizations and businesses about safety for children and seniors.

To create a successful leadership, mentorship and internship programs, succession planning, and implementation of the Alex Esclamado Scholarship, and Tax Preparation Assistance.

To identify financial resource and support the national organization and maintain regulation compliance on financial reporting.


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What is NaFFAA:
The National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) is recognized by Washington policy makers, private industry and national advocacy groups as the voice of Filipino and Filipino Americans though out the United States. It is non-partisan, and non-profit association. Its twelve regions cover the continental United States, Hawaii, Guam and the Marianas. Its mission is to promote the welfare and well-being of all Filipinos and Filipino Americans throughout the United States by fostering unity and empowerment. Website:

NaFFAA was born out of a meeting between West Coast and East Coast Filipino-Americans in New York in 1997. The then Philippine News Publisher Alex A. Esclamado, TLC Beatrice CEO and President, Loida Nicolas Lewis, nationally-acclaimed Guitarist Michael Dadap and San Francisco State College Board President Rodel Rodis were talking over dinner about how to unite the 3,000 Filipino-American organizations all over the country. The four decided it was time to convene a national conference and forge a common agenda for empowerment.
Mr. Esclamado volunteered to head the effort. On August 1997, over 1,000 delegates representing various Filipino-American organizations across the United States held its first National Filipino American Empowerment Conference in Washington D.C.

Spurred by the conference, the Filipino American community, youth leaders, seniors, veterans and civil rights activists and Filipino American elected and appointed officials addressed four major issues: immigration, affirmative action, welfare reform and equity for Filipino World War II Veterans. To dramatize the urgency, particularly of the last issue, delegates marched to the White House on the first day of the conference, led by hundreds of uniformed Filipino Veterans, to demand "equity now". For the first time, the veterans issue became a national campaign for justice.

Aware that the Filipino American community is only part of the Filipino diaspora, NaFFAA also convened a series of networking conventions to bring the global community together. The 1st Global Filipino Networking Convention was held in San Francisco immediately after the "Y2K2" conference in 2002.

NaFFAA is the voice of Filipino American solidarity that transcends generations, organizations, economics, health and politics.